What I’d like this Women’s Day.

“So, what would you like this Women’s Day?”, he asked me.

And here’s what I told him.

I’d like….

1. A world that’s more ‘woman-friendly’ – safer, cleaner and more conducive to women being ‘out there’ rather than staying in indoors. Less crime, rape, abuse and violence against women.

2. A country where women are seen an a potent force, and equal contributors to the financial, social and economic well-being and advancement of the nation.

3. A legal system where women are empowered enough to stand up for their own rights as well as others, and fight for them when needed. On their own.

4. More workplaces that allow, encourage and support women excellence, viewing women as strong components of their organization.

5. More corporations and companies where women occupy core positions, as Chairwomen, CEOs, mentors, leaders, guides….the list goes on. The world needs more women leaders.

6. Governments that empower the women in their economies, particularly the underprivileged ones – through education, financial and social security and equal rights.

7.A society that doesn’t judge a woman by what she wears, does, eats, drinks and does for a living. And yes, what time she comes home

8. Families that encourage their girls to hold their own amidst their male counterparts. Even more families that teach their boys to behave with the girls. Lessons learnt in childhood go a long way.

9. More ‘good’ men – ones who love, respect, honor, support and encourage us. Because we know not all men are bad, and we can use more good ones.

10. More strong women – because if we don’t build each other up, who else will?

Too much to ask?


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