Feminism is unnecessary

When I was a little girl

I learned a world

I’d have to say for the rest

of my life.


Sorry, for wanting to be more

than a daughter, a mother, sister and wife

Sorry for not having a penis

and having breasts instead

Sorry for demanding to be in places

which did not lead to a man’s bed

Bitch, slut, whore are what I become,

Should I wear my skirt above my knee

And then they tell me

Feminism is unnecessary


All the numbers in the world

Show that the equality has a dent

A man makes a dollar,

a woman, 77 cents

A woman can work as much as a man

Still not get equally paid

When she rises to the top, all they say

She must have gone back down on him

She must have gotten laid

Stand up for what I want

And I become assertive and bossy

Even then, they tell me


Feminism is unnecessary

Clutch your heart and tell me, folks

if there’s even one day that’s gone

Without the news channels telling a story

a woman who hasn’t been wronged

Abused, murdered, raped and burnt

Openly stripped on the streets.

Feminism isn’t just women, helping women

We need the men here too, you see

Your sisters, mothers, daughters, wives are in danger

Its time you stepped up, and expressed your anger

The day we can gift our daughters and granddaughters

The gift of equality

That day, you can tell me

Feminism is unnecessary




  1. xanaxityirony

    Loved this. Feminism shouldn’t be necessary because equality for any human no matter the sex sounds like a no brainer, right? So why is it necessary? How could the dominant, smartest primate on earth, the Apex Predator get it so wrong? Where the fuck did we go so wrong?

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